About Gailes Community House

Gailes Community House is a not for profit community organisation. Established off the vision of committed community members,  Gailes Residents Committee was developed in 1995.

This committed group of residents came together with the aim to provide community events and activities to assist the community to band together, get to know their neighbours and encourage social connection, developing a positive and well connected suburb of Gailes.

Through many acts of lobbying and ongoing commitment from local residents,  Gailes Community House governed by Gailes Residents Committee Inc. opened its doors to the community in 2002.

From this day onwards, Gailes Community House has been providing services to the people of Gailes and the surrounding area.  Promoting a safe and welcoming environment offering programs, activities and services that cater to the needs of many.

The friendly nature from participants, staff and volunteers is felt throughout the community centre and continues to have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Gailes Community House has developed into, and will continue to be, a community asset, established by the local community, run by the local community for the local community.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to promote growth, equity and community spirit within Gailes Community and surrounding areas, providing support and assistance to those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, providing a pathway to assist with the alleviation of poverty, isolation and respond to the critical need of families and individuals.

Our vision is to provide a safe and friendly environment for individuals, families, and whole of community providing opportunities to engage in community activities and programs, one on one personal support, advocacy and referrals. We will achieve this by implementing our H.E.L.P strategy:

Help – to individuals & groups

Encouragement – of people to meet their own needs

Liaison – with government and other service providers

Promotion – of a safe, friendly and supportive environment

Gailes Residents’ Committee Inc. identified objectives and outcomes in achieving the organisation’s Vision/Mission Statement.  These objectives are:

  1. To establish services which alleviate poverty and that respond to the critical needs of people who are disadvantaged
  2. To identify, provide or refer services, resources or activities that assist in the alleviation of poverty, provide assistance of critical need, promote healthy families and support the greater community
  3. To link with local community groups, community organizations and government
  4. To have sound foundations that enable accountability/legislative regulations to be met
  5. To provide social, supportive and educational activities to individuals and families that encourages community engagement, cohesion and participation.
  6. To provide a community place
  7. To raise by lawful means such funds as may be deemed necessary in the pursuit of the objectives of GAILES RESIDENTS COMMITTEE INC.