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Ready Set Recover

This project is supporting the community to prepare, respond and recover from extreme weather events and natural disasters.  


While the formal funding for the Ready Set Recover project is coming to an end, there's no reason to pause our journey toward resilience. Together, we've laid the foundation for disaster preparedness, and now it's time to take the lead.  

Natural disasters might be unpredictable, but our readiness doesn't have to be. Let's uphold the spirit of Ready Set Recover, ensuring our community remains ready for whatever comes our way.  

Join hands, stay prepared, and let's face the future with confidence! 


The journey doesn't end here, Step into our virtual haven the Ready Set Recover hub. 

From disaster recovery strategies to community resilience tips. A living guide for the future, offering direction when the storm clouds gather and ensuring we navigate the path of Preparedness, response, and recovery. 

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