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Financial Resilience Program

The Queensland Financial Resilience Program (QFRP) can help individuals and families learn how to be more financially secure and get back on top of your finances.


It is a free, non-judgmental, and confidential service that can help you with: 

Understand your finances support you to:

  • Budget & prioritise expenses.  

  • Identify financial risks.  

  • Negotiate with creditors 

  •  Know where to go for help. 

Better manage money through helping you:  

  • Proactively manage & understand debt.  

  • Establish savings. 

  • Not borrow for daily expenses. 

  • Access no interest loans (NILs). 

Be more financially secure through helping you access:  

  • Financial services & support. 

  • Financial literacy & skills development.  

  • Referrals to other support services.  

  • No Interest Loans. 

Have financial freedom support you to develop strategies to:  

  • Absorb financial shocks.  

  • Meet your financial goals.  

  • Make choices that enable you to enjoy life. 

No Interest Loans (NILs)  

Unexpected expenses are bound to pop up from time to time. Don’t choose an option that might get you into trouble later. With NILs, you only pay back what you borrow, nothing more.  

Submit your invoice with your application and NILs will pay it straight to the supplier / vendor. Loans cannot be used for cash, bills or debts. 

Borrow up to $2000 for essential goods and services including: 

  • Household items like appliances, whitegoods & furniture. 

  • Car repairs & registration. 

  • Medical, dental, wellbeing and life event expenses. 

  • Technology like a phone or laptop. 

  • Education expenses like fees or uniforms. 

  • Employment expenses like licenses or equipment. 


Borrow up to $3,000 for: 

  • Bond & rent in advance for a new rental property. 

  • Rates. 

  • Costs associated with a natural disaster. 


0% interest and no fees or charges, EVER 

Contact us to book an appointment with Angela at the House.  

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